What Is Oden Reiki?

How does Oden Reiki Work? Everything alive has a Life Force Energy, Aura or Shield around it. We know it can be photographed and we think many intuitive people can see it. What exactly is this shield and what is its function while we exist on the physical plane? The Aura is a series of rings of energy that encircle and nourish our physical and spiritual bodies. The inner ring usually remains the same color in our lives and it is the vibrational frequency we used to enter this physical plane. The middle and outer rings change frequently. The patterns and colors contain all we are, all we have experienced and everything we are about to. This is what a clairvoyant often tunes into when reading a person.

If we have any kind of dark or heavy pattern in our middle or outer auras, we might have a corresponding condition in our physical, mental or emotional bodies. Rather than pulling the energy out or pouring light into it, Oden Reiki matches the frequency of such an energy, surpasses and then shatters it. Much in the same way Ella Fitzgerald did in the 1960’s Memorex Commercials, when she shatters a glass by hitting a high note. In easy terms, Oden Reiki is instant in its results to purify the Aura, or Life Force Energy Field of anyone or anything. Within minutes the offending energy pattern no longer exist as it was, it has been shattered to raw energy to be returned to the first spiritual plane of Energy. This in turn can cause drastic and instant changes.


A.D.: I have never seen anyone heal like Lauralei does. I have seen her mend broken bones, straighten backs, and heal things that seem impossible to mend. Try a healing with her and you will be stunned at what she can do. If you do anything for yourself this year, please give Lauralei a chance to help you.

L.P.: Lauralei is an amazing healer and channeler and so blessed that she shares these talents with Oden Reiki. David is fantastic healer and love his Oden Reiki sessions, whenever I need some emotional healing he is the first person I look for as his healings are just super calming.

A.W.: Lauralie is a very powerful healer and extraordinary unconscious channel. If you have aches and pains, do yourself a favor and get an Odeiki Reiki session with Lauralie or Dave. Also, Lauralie’s channelings will blow you away. Just go see them.

K.R.: I wanted to express my appreciation to White Light for all the things you have done not only for me, but for several others. My first healing was done by Dave on a Friday night. I had sprained my ankle in February, and 7 months later the doctor ordered physical therapy because it was not healing. Dave worked on my ankle and I was able to walk down the stairs to the street without pain. It was sore for a day or so, but I have not had 1 problem since then. WITHOUT physical therapy. Thank you so much. I am a believer for sure.

N.S.: I have never had normal blood pressure ever. As a teen I was on medication. Lauralei did Oden reiki on me. We measured my blood pressure before and after the session. It dropped from 260/190 to 185/120, after the next four sessions it is now 128/110.  These results made me sign up for the classes. Thanks to Lauralei & Oden Reiki. Nikki

M.A.: I would like to send out a special thank you to Lauralei  and Ariel for the amazing healing I received. While on vacation, I suffered yet another severe head injury. Medical docs did a cat scan and confirmed I have a very hard head lol (no fracture or internal bleeding). After that, they said I could have the symptoms of a severe concussion for months. Nothing they can do. The pressure inside my head has gotten worse and unbearable. I decided to go to my Reiki teachers, David and Lauralei to see if they could help, as they have done amazing healing on my right shoulder previously when docs wanted to do surgery. I felt immediate ease of the pressure in my head and 24 hours later, I feel almost normal. (whatever that is:). I wanted to share this with all of you, to let you know that if you have pain or issues that the medical field can’t help you with or if you would like a more holistic option to meds and/or surgery…there are options. Thank you soooo much Lauralei for once again sharing your amazing gifts of healing with me! You are truly a gift from God! Namaste my friend.

T.A.: My 6-year-old autistic grandson received healing energies/adjustments by Lauralei M. Bradley, received a communication guide, and a master guide that works with him every two weeks.  For the first time in his entire life, my grandson walked up to his mother and said, “Love you momma”.  All we could do is cry, as he had never been able to speak real words to us before.  He could sign, “I love you momma” IF prompted and only if he wanted to. However, he could not speak words before and wouldn’t even think about trying to say anything without being prompted to.  He was a very quiet child, unless he was having an autism meltdown.  We are so thankful and continue to receive many blessings from Oden, Lauralei M. and David Bradley, the Oden Reiki Masters, the ascended guides that Lauralei M Bradley channels, the master guides and dragons we have received, and so much more.  One year ago, I walked through the doors at White Light Bookstore and Crystals, a lost, scared, and very sad soul.  That was the last day of my sadness, and the first day of the path I was destined to be on this lifetime.  I can honestly say, they saved and changed so many lives in this last year, and I will be forever grateful!

K.S.: I wanted to write so you can put it on your website, or parts of it.   You and Oden healed my diagnosed Celiac three weeks ago; I have still had no symptoms of the disease, even though I have enjoyed foods I have not been able to eat for years.  My family and friends are open-mouthed, as they have seen me doubled over with cramps as I lost weight to the point of emaciation, not able to digest anything.  I wish I could afford to have the biopsy that first confirmed the diagnoses re-done to confirm the results of the healing, but for now, the joy of eating at restaurants and at friends’ homes with no worries that I will eat something that will make me sick or missing out on birthday cakes and Thanksgiving stuffing will be enough.

The minor problems of my tennis elbow (minor compared to celiac, but very painful when I did anything with that arm) and the arthritis in my hands are healed as well.  I just don’t know how to say what a life changing event this has been for me.  I have had traditional Reiki treatments and none of them have worked with the celiac.  Thank you so much for the treatments.

J.B.: Laurlei is an amazing teacher and is gifted in channeling highly esoteric guides and angels. Although I’ve worked in corporate America for a long time, I truly found my calling when I met Lauralei and her husband, David. I was taught in the healing arts of Oden Reiki mastership and found my new calling. In addition to the teachings directly from Lauralei, I had amazing learning opportunities through her channelings from Oden and Dominus, higher beings I am now able to connect with because of Lauralei. While I miss them in KC, I’m thrilled for their new adventure in Sedona, Arizona and their new business.

S.S.: Love the store. Lauralei and David are amazing. Sedona, AZ is a wonderful place for such an amazing store. Lauralei and David are both amazing healers. Lauralei is the best physic and channel I have ever met. Her sessions were not the typical generic answers, they were very specific to me and the questions I had! I’m so glad I found them.

T.T.: I love this place. I actually had Reiki and so did hubby.  They are simply masters at their craft !!!  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this shop and will make them a part of my regular trips.  I cannot say enough positive things about this business !!

L.V. : I’m so happy we stumbled upon this shop. The prices are great and the owners are wonderful. David helped my daughter and I with healings and I’m truly astonished with the results. I’ve had pain with tears in my rotator cuff for months and walked out with more range of movement and virtually no pain.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.  He and Lauralei are genuine, nice people with great energy.  Will definitely return.

L.S. Lauralei and David are both talented healers. Lauralei’s work in one session stopped my tooth grinding and helped my jaw tension so much. Their shop is a wonderful healing place as well. Their friendliness and professional standards make it such a welcome addition to Sedona. There are many activities to checkout. THANK YOU White Light Bookstor