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Customer Reviews

I entered the White Light and found my path...

to the incense, tarot decks, books and crystal balls.

Normally anything with "new age" in the title gives me the willies, I'll be honest. Why not tell it like it is, you know, "occult" bookstore. I get that this wouldn't be a sensible business model in this region, however.

That there really isn't anything "new age" about a good deal of the offerings is no matter, I suppose. No one needs to know. It's kind of a code word at this point.

There really is a good selection here. The smells of sandalwood, frankincense, patchouli, amber and musk permeate the store in a familiar, comfortable way for those of us who spent their teens/early 20s in similar stores trying to find material to help themselves make sense of the world.

You can get quality incense, oils and candles for really cheap at White Light. There is a decent selection of tarot cards, as well as accessories for the home and altar.

Joi B.
Kansas City, MO

White light New Age Books is not only a bookstore, but a great place to learn metaphysics, take classes, attend their events, get healings, learn how to do healings, discuss tarot cards, and, well, the store is a great place to hang out.

Yep,I said hang out. I could spend hours there, looking at the stuff. The owners are terrific and knowledgeable. The material they sell they are totally familiar with, and have experience with what they sell. Their book selections is such,that they know EVERY book they sell. They've read them. They know their product, and can help you decide what you want.

Their tarot card display is not only simply a tarot card display, but it's artistic. They sell live stones, which is impossible to find in Kansas City. The atmosphere is just, well, cool.

I've taken a class there,and it was the most complete, and solid metaphysical class I've had, (except for my formal training with Sonia Choquette in Chicago). The class was "Meeting Your Master Guide." I still use the meditation I learned, every night.

It's also in a great location: Blue Koi is down the street, Jerusalem Cafe is across the street, Starbucks is very close. I love this store!

Rhonda S.
Independence, MO

By far this is the BEST new age book store in KC. It is not commericialized like some of the others I have been to. And they actually read their books, so they can have a conversation with you about how good it was. Once when I was there I was having a hard time deciding what cd to buy and they just volunteered to play it for me so I could decide! Plus there are lots of neat little shops around it too! You can really make a day of it there.

Candace B.
Kansas City, MO

Have you ever experienced something so often, you could no longer consider the experiences ironic or coincidental? As if something you couldn't explain were attempting to communicate with you, calling you, begging your attention. I had experienced the number 8 for several years. Initially, around the age of 19, its presence was subtle and quiet. At 22 however, it was manifesting emotional distress, mental fatigue, physical discord, and human disinterest. Not one person, friend, nor family member could assist. No one knew what to say, how to help, nor what to do, including myself. As a result, I discovered myself far removed from the culture we are familiar with here today in America.

I was directed to the Whitelight via psychic. My idea was this: If humans were unable to help (as most coined me "crazy" at this point), then maybe spirits would, if such a thing were a reality here. I spoke primarily with Amber and Oden as channeled through Lauralei. Through them, I began to understand the Earth and Universe around me and the energy within me.

This is important, so pay attention: I applied what I learned directly to my physical existence; I practice(d) the metaphysics; it was/is my primary intent.

Today, I am 26. Since walking this path just 4 years ago, I've relocated. I've increased my income 57%. I attracted and reunited my Twin Flame while separated 1300 miles without the use of internet (energy has no limitations). Then, WE generated a free 3 month vacation to New York's Long Island and Manhattan. Work is effortless. I have undergone and continue to undergo spiritual alchemy and so, I effortlessly cultivate talent from within me, ranging today from the visual arts and music to social engineering, networking, and relationship building. I've balanced my bodies; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intuitive, which means they exist today undisturbed (I no longer experience anger, sadness, or anything other than happiness). The only aspect of frustration remaining for me, is dealing with how slow the physical world manifests my ideas and requests.

I did/do all of this with energy. I did/do all of this via understanding energy.

Lauralei, her guides, and Dave, the Whitelight was my first source for attaining such an understanding.

Kansas City, MO


My name is Jodie. I've worked in the medical arena for 20 years, and I am sometimes hesitant when non-doctor type people tell me they can help me.
A couple of weeks ago, I had to run [literally RUN] thru an airport in high heels with a 20 pound laptop bag on my shoulder the entire time......and ended up pinching a nerve in my neck. Two days later, I couldn't move my head to the left or to the right without severe pain. I had trouble even raising myself up from sleeping in bed without serious pain. Lauralei used Oden Reiki on me, and 10 minutes later I was seriously brought to tears when the pain stopped. It was amazing, I had zero pain when she finished--instantly!!
I've known Lauralei & David for years personally, and I trust them both completely! If you've never been to the White Light Store, go tomorrow!

The path that led me to White Light Bookstore was not planned.
Let me explain.
I had no destination in mind that particular day over two years ago - but perhaps my intuition did!
I have always been interested in the esoteric and metaphysical but let's face it, there have not always been a lot of storefronts satisfying this curiosity to actually enter into.
From the first time I walked in the door, I have found White Light Bookstore to be a place of very good energy, so much so that it is hard to leave!
This "Bookstore" offers so much more than books, of which you will find very well stocked & organized. Just look at the photos on their web page and you will see there is plenty to keep you coming back for more.
The store for me feels more like my school, and Lauralei & David my teachers; partners so to speak - in my spiritual journey.
I have taken so many classes there I've lost count. The more I learn, the greater my understanding & hunger to embrace that which is being offered.
While the cost of taking classes was minimal, the information received was huge!
And the good thing is, the classes being offered are always evolving & expanding.
So we all get to continue growing & develop in a positive way.
All I can say is if you find yourself pulled to enter the store, you won't be sorry. Your best & highest good will be served. Your journey continues.
You will take in a deep sigh of relief and be right where answers to the questions your soul longs for can truly be discovered.

Kate H.
Shawnee, KS

I give the White Light Bookstore a rating of 5 crystals, with 5 being the highest rating of course. The owners, Lauralei & David make you feel at ease and are there to answer your questions. If they donít know the answers, then Lauraleiís master guides have the answers. I have known Lauralei for over 20 years and have always been impressed with her abilities/gifts and even to this day she still amazes me. Her dedication to making this world a better place and to helping others is of high priority. Every time I attend a class or lecture I gain valuable insight that helps me to grow physically and spiritually. I highly recommend everyone to check out the store and the classes and then form an opinion based on the knowledge they have gained. The value insight and knowledge that can be gained through the White Light Bookstore and Crystals makes a person feel there is so much more to life than day to day physical existence. Tuning into your spirituality and raising the vibration of your energy makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

Kansas City North

I am emailing for a few reasons, first because I would like to be on your weekly email list :), and also because I visited your store last weekend and left extremely satisfied. My boyfriend took me a surprise weekend and we ended up in Kansas City . I had seen your store on line and was very curious to check it out. I have never walked into a place that radiated so much good energy before. I am fairly new, to the whole metaphysical, crystal and stone world, and the owner, was very kind and knowledgeable, not to mention the beyond reasonable prices for such valued stones. My friend and I are planning a girls weekend from St. Louis to come back and shop! Cant wait to be back! Thank you again for having the best store I've ever had the honor of shopping in!

Amy Januszewski
St. Louis MO

Lauraleiís customer's account of her experience with Oden Reiki:

At a channeling session I asked if I had any issues with the energy of my physical system and I was told by Jeramie, a spirit guide that Lauralei channels, that I should have my feet looked at. I wasnít having any trouble but I visited my doctor for a checkup, and she said I had diabetes (foot problems are very common with diabetes). She loaded me up with a blood testing kit and a list of foods I should eat. I read it over a few times, but it didnít have any sugar or carbs on it. I came home and did some research and found I had to give up pretty much all normal food. I hated the way that made me feel everyday. It felt like the diabetes issue was consuming all my energy and my time. I was following the approved diet and still tested high blood sugar and I felt awful. To give you an idea, I was averaging 250 levels in the early am on my test meter, when it should have been 70-100. Later in the day I would hit near 297. I continued Oden Reiki with Lauralei. During one session I registered 180, and five minutes after the treatment, I took my blood sugar again and it was 30 points less! 30 points! (I really wish I had the doctor there to see that). With some fine tuning, Lauralei figured out that clearing the energy of my blood, was vital to improvement. My blood sugar levels started going down and staying down, either though I had added carbs and some sugar to my diet. When I next went back to the doctor, she said my blood sugar was better. This was my doctor using small words for big improvement. I returned for Oden Reiki with Lauralei every week for 4 weeks and my blood sugar went down to 109. Every session, I felt better and healthier. When Lauralei received the Ying/Yang Reiki attunement, which is an energy to balance the aura around our organs, she began focusing on the pancreas. Each time the bad energy around the pancreas got smaller & smaller. At my six month check-up, the doc said no more monitoring, no more sticking my finger for blood samples. She said I didnít need to go back until my yearly checkup. It is miraculous that in a very short period of time, a disease that can span a lifetime was gone. I am so very grateful for Oden, David and Lauralei and the fact that Oden Reiki is available. It changed my entire life. Thank you, David and Lauralei, for your dedication and for helping me to feel better.