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Do Your Crystals Disappear?

My family and friends has always found it difficult to have a psychic and channel in the family. Growing up, we didn’t talk about it, outside of the family. As an adult, we didn’t talk about it. Since we have bought the store, one of my best friends became a little more curious and a little less scare of it, to the point he has even attended a couple of channeling sessions.

Now, my friend is an independent commercial contractor and had recently lost several bids. I brought him one of the Pre-programmed Money Crystals we sell at the store. When I suggested he put it on top of any future bids he did, he laughed, but he did put the crystal in his pocket. (it really needs to be in your energy field some every day.)

Anyway, he recently had 4 huge bids come in, to the point that he is not sure he can do them all and may have to hire additional people. I laughed when he told me and said, "So, how’s that Money Crystal working for you?” He just smiled.

A week or so later, I asked him again, if he was using his crystal. He told me, "That crystal is freaking me out; it keeps disappearing from out of pocket and then reappearing in different places.” He told me that every morning he puts the Money Crystal and the Black Protection crystal in his pocket. He checks them several times a day and evidently, by the end of the day, he only has the black crystal, the other one is gone.

He told me that he would get home and find it on the dresser, or in his shaving kit, the microwave. I answered that the black crystal stayed with him because it was there to protect him, but the Money Crystal was probably going out everyday getting jobs for him, he said that is true, I have more work than I can handle. I told him that crystals tend to move between the dimensions, then return. I often find crystals in my home that I have never seen before and I have had my share that has disappeared. Often, our guides will program a crystal for us and then put it where we can find them.

Self-Discovery is Key to Spiritual Growth

I had someone come into the store the other day, and state that their Spirit Guides were not as good as mine. Another friend actually fired hers. While I love mine to death, and I am very grateful for all of their GUIDANCE, a spirit guide will rarely tell you what you SHOULD do. Instead, they will tell you not what you should do, but what will happen if you continue as you are. Why? Why can’t our spirit guides just tell us what we need to know? Why run us around, suggesting events, books, meditation? Just make if easy for once, right?

Rarely, will a guide correct your path, because by doing so, they can interfere with your FREE WILL, and worse, with your cycle of incarnating. When we have a particularly tough lesson ahead of us, it would be great if our guides would just tell us what to do to fix it, or take the problem out of our life.

Sometimes, they can, but I think you will find it is only when they can confirm what you have just begun to realize yourself. In order for us to carry knowledge from one life to the next, we have to have self discovery. SELF DISCOVERY THRU THE USE OF FREE WILL, IS THE ONLY WAY TO IMPRINT A LESSON UPON OUR SOUL IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT WILL THEN BRING IT WITH US FROM THIS LIFE TO ALL THAT FOLLOW!!

What you thought was a great favor at the time, may create karma for the guide. Imagine how peeved you would be at your next life review when you discover that something a guide told you, with enormous love and to really help you out of a jam, then requires us to relive the lifetime and repeat the same trying experience? IN the long run, our guides, are there for guidance, they are their for a partnership of self discovery, they discovery our world as we discover theirs.

Healing the Energy of Addictions

I grew up seeing energy and being part of a family, where most everyone was addicted to something. I learned to recognize addiction energy at an early age. It is not easy to watch and even harder, I imagine to experience. I see them as a distorted, dark, shape in a person’s energy field or aura. Addiction energy can also look like a fog, a blob or as a dead, dark, weight on the inside of someone’s organs.

Addictions of any kind hinder our spiritual development and keep us from moving forward on our spiritual path. Spiritual healers have used numerous methods to temper the energy of addictions and to free clients from their grasp. In my thirty plus years of energy work, I have come to believe that addictions are not a negative energy attached to a soul, but rather the loss of something positive.

What if one of the reasons addictions are created, is because something vital is missing from a person’s soul on a deep energy level? What if the thing that is missing creates an imbalance in so many ways for that soul, that it is impossible for them to function on a day-to-day, much less moment-to-moment basis?

Our auras vibrate around us and energize our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Each person’s aura contains, all the experiences, all the goals for their life, and all knowledge their particular soul has acquired.

Each aura is unique, just like each of us is unique. Additionally, we all have a unique energy signature or energy pattern. The same is true of every plant, animal, and mineral. Each has a unique and individual energy signature. No two are ever alike. These are very similar to a fingerprint or DNA, and they can be seen by clairvoyants.

If a trauma has closed, removed or damaged an energy pattern that a soul needs to complete their mission in this life, they either need to get it back, adjust the mission, or die. You cannot imagine the pain of a soul, attached to an addicted body, unless you have been there.

As spiritual healers, we know energy cannot be created or destroyed. This is the fundamental Law of the Conservation of Energy. I am always amazed when I see healer’s pull things out of clients, (like I used to), and then just throw them out into the air. They haven’t yet learned that your unique energy pattern makes sure at some point, that energy will always return to you, in the way, shape and form it was sent out. If not in this life time, then in the next one. This is another one of those fundamental laws, Karma.

So, let’s look at addictions as the loss of something positive, in your aura, and not as the addition of something negative. Suppose addictions are distorted energy, that is just missing some of its parts? Perhaps, its original function was to vibrate light, love and spiritual growth, but thru some kind of trauma, past or present, those vital programs have been damaged and misshapen.

The Chinese tell us for every Ying there is a Yang. Why would this not be true for addiction or dis-ease? Could the cure for an addiction just be finding the other half of an energy pattern, which when complete, removes the addiction from the soul it was attached to?

I believe joining and re-establishing the original geometric shape of the pattern, causes on an energy level, remarkable results. Perhaps, solving the problem of an addiction is to find the other half of the mis-shapen energy pattern. Perhaps, when it is found it not only removes the addiction from a person, but actually leaves a positive energy pattern in its place. Which will, ultimately, return that soul back to their spiritual path and back to their mission in this life.

Think how strange half of a coin, or half of anything, would look, sliced down the middle. Then how easily recognizable, the same object is when we hold the two halves together. This is the same with the energy pattern of an addiction, call back its other half and it doesn’t make the addiction worse, it completes its geometric shape, creates what it was meant to be.

For every vibration, addictive or otherwise, there is another vibration that completes and raises it, and there is also one that surpasses it. Soul retrieval is one of the least utilized and most needed practices of spiritual healers. Believe it or not, you may want to actually guide a client through a meditative session, meant to call back the lost half of their addictive patterns.

Guided hypnosis, self-hypnosis and subliminal hypnosis are all great tools for the client to use on their own. They reinforce soul retrieval, past life regressions, Reiki and any other spiritual work completed with a spiritual healer.

Another methodology to explore, when dealing with the energy of addictions, is that every object has a resonant frequency -- that's the natural frequency at which an object, a disease, or an addiction vibrates. When we match the frequency of anything, we are completing it. But what if we surpassed it?

Let’s go back to the 60’s (I think), and a Memorex Commercial in which Ella Fitzgerald’s singing voice hits a high note and shatters a glass. The reason this can happen is because the note the singer hits, vibrates to the exact frequency the glass vibrates to on the physical plane. This is also known as YING coming together with its YANG.

When we match the same tone, as the natural frequency of the glass, it will cause the glass to move or vibrate. Taking it one step further, you can raise the volume, of the note, which will surpass the ability of the glass (or addiction) to maintain its shape, and will cause the glass (or addictive pattern) to shatter.

Now some of you might think glass shards are not a positive change, but if the glass represents our addiction, it no longer has the ability to perform its previous function, which in the glass’s case is holding liquid and in the addiction’s case is need of the substance.

So glass shards can be a good thing. Glass Shards can now be recycled into sometime more, something better, or granulated back into pure sand or pure energy and returned to the ocean.

So as far as addiction patterns go, we can match, then surpass their resonance and frequency, cause them to shatter and return them to their purest form of raw energy.

Undoubtedly, this is why chanting, singing bowls, and mantras are so popular. On some level we know they are raising our vibration and shattering our glasses into shards.

If you don’t have the singing voice of Ella Fitzgerald, I would encourage the use of subconscious sound frequencies, and my favorite is quartz crystals.

Crystals never stop growing and they have a natural pulse; they are in all electronics, including your watch, computer, radio, etc. This pulse can be heard on a subconscious level. I believe it is possible to place a thought in a crystal and it will pulse that thought to your subconscious brain.

To use them with a client, surround the client in a circle of quartz. Slowly add quartz, around the client until the client begins to feel comfortable, energized and relaxed. You have now just matched the natural frequency that client vibrates to.

After a bit, increase the number of crystals until the client becomes uncomfortable. Uncomfortable can be anything from a headache, to hearing humming, to becoming restless.

Let them cook, uncomfortably, in the circle of quartz for a good twenty minutes, then gradually decrease the number of crystals around them, until they are comfortable again. Wait about 5 minutes then start adding the quartz again.

Repeat this at least 2-3 times in an hour and a half period. You may have to do several treatments over the course of several weeks, depending on the situation and the client.

Additionally, a crystal can also be programmed for a person to wear after a crystal treatment. Since the subconscious mind believes & incorporates whatever it hears repeatedly, wearing the crystal can help a person make positive changes in their lives.

Lastly, the important thing to focus on is that we live in a geometrical universe with the universal language of math. All the laws of physics are universal. We are living Sacred Geometry.

When we learn to see past the physical body and the physical plane, we can look deeper into the actual energy which animates it, and creates the currents and directions our lives move on. This is how we are going to find the answers on how to balance not only our physical bodies, but our unique essence, our unique abilities and the unique energy patterns which comprise our souls.

Lauralei M. Bradley, has worked as a psychic, medium , Reiki Master and spiritual healer for over 30 years. She has a bachelor degree of Arts in Education and is a former school teacher. She owns White Light Bookstore and Crystals with her husband, David, where they teach classes on information, like the above article, she has channeled, directly from spirit.

How Souls Are Created

Think of an empty pan that is round and imagine it full of water. An Analogy of reincarnation: Imagine a round pie pan of water and what happens when you throw a small ball into the center of it. The initial splash sends the water over the edge of the pan. The moving waves each represent a lifetime. A new soul is thrown into physical matter. A new soul is thrown into the pan of water which..

Past, present and future lives are commonly represented with a line, A Linear example of past, present and future lives. On our line, the past would be at the beginning. The present in the middle of the line and the future as the end of the line.

A more accurate example of lifetimes is the reincarnation experience would be a circle with the center aspect representing the soul or higher self. Lifetimes would be represented as ripples. If you were to throw a ball into the center of a circular pan of water, the first thrust of ripples are the most forceful and some would even spill over onto the floor outside the pan. The resounding ripples that resonate as the 2nd wave would be an example of the next or present lifetimes. The smaller ripples resulting from the remaining waves, from the force of initially throwing the ball into the water are the future lifetimes.

The early lifetimes are forceful. They are the biggest waves. This is because a new soul has the most to experience, the most energy, the most enthusiasm of the physical life.

The next set of waves are the kinetic energy from the first waves, still strong but less forceful. Here we are more selective of the experiences we choose, we are no longer a "blank slate”. We have the need for very purposeful experiences.

The final ripple is smaller, more faint, and the phase of one of our experience are more precise, more purposeful. Here we need very exact experiences to complete our journeys on the physical levels. When the water comes to stillness our time here is done, when the water has stopped we have completed our cycle on the physical level.

Stillness is good to meditate on, stillness in a moment of light, creates a connection to God.

God cannot know stillness, God is not aware of a present moment or a single moment. God knows all things at all times in all ways.

Each soul that returns to God has an ability to know still waters, to know still time, and how to still the spirit.

Each soul returning to the source empowers the creator with a new aspect that enriches God as our parent. For God will never know true stillness- still waters, still time. A single perspective, a single moment of light that is what we share with our God.

I stand before God in all of God’s wonder and light. I stand before God-As a soul on a journey to light and to become something I can never become, God, for I have memory of time, of a light touch across my face on a sunny day. I can never achieve a place beside God, because I have journeyed into time and space. For this same reason, God can never become me.

We both cling to be one another we both long to be what we are not, but we also long to be more than who we are. We both find a place and a way to merge and to share, and through that sharing the longing we feel ceases. We know we are, and that is enough.

Healing and Unblocking the Pathways to Your Higher-Self or God Center

Most of us have experienced at one time or another, a dark wave of negative energy that hit us out of the blue. For those of us sensitive to these things, it seems that this wave has no physical or emotional connection to us. It feels as this dark wave originated outside of us, from somewhere or someone else. Then when we use the usual ritual & spiritual protections we know to do, they don’t seem to work on removing it. So where did this wave of darkness come from? So why did we accept it into our energy field and why can’t we get rid of it??? What if I told you, most likely, it came from yourself!

Whenever any of your bodies receives an injury or injurious energy, that wave of negative energy can move through each of your seven spiritual energy bodies, like a wrecking ball thrown at the roof of your house. It first crashes through the roof, into the attic, then falls through the attic into the second storey, then crashes through the living room ceiling, to finally fall into the basement of the house, leaving havoc, chaos and giant holes in each level it passes through.

The same thing happens to us. When you work with a disorder that occurs in the physical body know that you’re also working with disorders that are occurring, (and have occurred), in the many layers of your other seven Spiritual Energy Bodies. We all have a Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Causal, Etheric, and Celestial body, whether we are consciously aware of them or not, and all of them can become damaged, hurt and sickly.

When a disorder has manifested in the physical body, it has first filtered through other layers of our spirit, because the physical body is the final and last layer of your entire soul system of experience.

When you have an energy that enters the Soul System, it usually passes through several of your other spiritual body prior to reaching the physical body. If the negative energy is too strong to be processed out of the spiritual body it enters, it will be released to the next. So you may have dis-ease in any number of your other energy bodies, before you are aware on a physical level that any disruption has occurred. As the last layer, the physical body will then manifest this injurious energy as a disease, in order to process and remove it from the entire soul system, it has damaged.

If the negative energy creates a dis-ease which is extremely massive in its nature, it can kill the physical body or create a permanent hole or blockage in the auric field. If the soul is unable to process the injurious energy completely out of its field, that negative energy will return with that soul when it reincarnates.

The way to start teaching individuals how to heal the physical body, is by emphasizing that the physical body is just one of many layers, of the soul. The most important layer being the God Center.

The God Center, is another name for the higher self and it resides about half way between the Physical Body (your body which vibrates the heaviest) and the Celestial Body(your body that vibrates the lightest).

We use the term God Center when we are referring to healing aspects, because it is the heart of the spiritual system of a soul. It is the director of all of the other Energy Bodies. It is unique in the sense that it can move up and down the spiritual planes at will, and exist in several planes, the past and future, simultaneously.

When you look past time and space of a multi-dimensional spirit, you will find there are re-occurrences of many physical bodies connected to that soul, in the past and future, not just the one that you are currently aware of.

Each of us has multi-dimensional layers, and when something occurs to one of our incarnations, it immediately creates change and factors of change, in all of our other incarnations. Whether or not you view them, as simultaneous or whether you view them as past or future lives, according to your perspective, each of these parts of you should be considered and connected to a spiritual healing.

When a disorder manifests in a physical body, which is the last and final layer, that disorder has affected at least one of your other 6 Energy Bodies. The most common pathways of dis-ease are from the Astral Body to Emotional Body to the Physical Body, but that is usual and not absolute.

A dis-ease can pass in any type of order from astral to mental to emotional or to etheric. It can pass in any different numbers or layers, up and down, back and forth, prior to reaching the physical body. There is no set order.

Dis-ease can also pass from one physical incarnation to another physical incarnation! Know that an ailment can actually come from another aspect of yourself in the past, because it was pulled out and thrown away! Additionally the future you can send ailments back to the present you. This is not spiritual healing!!

The spiritual healer should be delivering Life Force Energy to all of the aspects of that particular soul, rather than removing dis-ease from the one personality, that can come and reattach to another in the past or future.

This happens because of the spiritual laws regarding magnetic fields. Like energy attracts like energy, and no energy can be destroyed. Energy will always return to its owner, (and by allowing the negative energy to create illness in your body, you have owned it).

So, never pull something out of a present body and throw it away, it will return to its owner, somewhere in time. Removal is not healing, it is merely changing the time and location of the negative energy. . It will just re-manifest somewhere else. Instead try to connect all of the aspects of that person by making conscious contact with their God Center. This is what directs or monitors every energy in its soul system, as well as any disorder that passes through its layers. By contacting the God Center, you have a way to send spiritual healing to all the Energy Bodies, as well as all the past and future lives for that soul. You can contact the God Center and send an effective, yet simple healing to your soul system with this meditation. First connect with the Earth. Visualize sending a hollow cord extending from the base of your spine, down into the ground until it reaches the center of the Earth. Allow the orange liquid energy that is there, to begin flowing up your hollow cord until it reaches your body and flows up into your body.

The visualize a hollow cord extending from the top of your head and moving up through the Universe until it reaches the center of the universe. Bring the White Light that is there down your hollow cord until it reaches the top of your head and flows into your body.

Next visualize an energy cord coming out of the back of your head where the spine and the skull meet. This hollow cord reaches through time & space to connect with your God Center or Higher Self. Send the white light that is flowing into the top of your head, through this cord. As the white light moves through the cord, it will heal and unblock this connection. When you reach the higher self with the white light, greet and ask to utilize the system of communications that spring from the higher self to all the other aspects of you.

If allowed, bring the orange energy from the Earth, mix it with the white light coming in the top of our head and send to the higher self, which will then send the mixture to any of the your soul system that needs it. Clearing the path to the Higher Self, alone, brings lightness to you and a sense of a burden being lifted.

Before working on any client, make sure your connection is strong and free of blockages, before you do the same for them.


By Lauralei

Most of us understand reincarnation and our current physical life, represented in linear time. Accordingly, as past, present and future lives. In reality, a more accurate representation would be a circle.

As an analogy, consider a circular pan filled with water, at rest and still, to represent the possibility of all your lifetimes. Now imagine, a single very large droplet, (your soul), into the center of the pan, which in turn, animates and creates ripples in all of the water in the pan.

The first waves are the most forceful and represents the early lifetimes of a soul. They have the biggest waves, because a new soul has great enthusiasm to jump into its early incarnations and experience all it can. Everything is new and everything is a learning experience for the soul.

Additionally, that initial thrust of the droplet into the center of the pan, will also cause some of the water to spill over onto the floor outside the pan. This spilled water represents the spiritual parts of you that do not incarnate, and remain in spirit form.

The next set of kinetic waves, reacting from the first waves, are still strong but not as forceful. These are more selective lifetimes that contain pre- planned experiences. We are no longer a “blank slate” or a new soul. We have the need for very specific experiences that will provide the spiritual growth and knowledge required to complete our paths and transpose our spirit to its next level.

The final smaller, barely there waves, gently moving to the outer edge of the pan represent the last and final phases of our incarnations. The experiences of these lifetimes must be very exact, precise, and more focused. These small waves symbolize a soul ready to complete its karma and end its physical journey.

When the waves stop and the water becomes still our time here is done, our cycle on the physical plane is complete. Our soul has achieved it goals and understands the unique purpose for which it was created.

Now let’s return to the water that spilled out of the pan, the part of you that doesn’t incarnate. Besides the physical body, which is the water inside the pan, each soul has seven aspects of itself, all interacting with the physical self, and all having additional experiences on additional spiritual planes. Each of these seven bodies has a unique function, its own energy field or aura, and each are connected to your higher self or over soul.

There are many names for these other parts of you, I refer to them as: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, the Astral Body, the Causal Body, the Eutheric Body and the Celestial Body.

Most of us are aware of our physical, emotional, mental and some of us, our astral bodies, on a conscious level. The above are the primary bodies we use during our stay in the physical world. . So, while on Earth, you have the physical body through which you obtain sensory experience, the emotional body which interprets and assigns a quality of feelings to those experiences, the mental body which reasons, processes and evaluates those experiences and the astral body which is responsible for creating those experiences.

When on the second or physical plane, our physical body should be the focus of our physical lifetime; it should be the only body operating in the physical realm, with the higher self directing it, from the upper planes.

When we allow our emotional body or our mental body to be in control of our physical experience, we live lives focused on sensory experiences, caught up in our emotional and mental reactions to them. This can create huge imbalances in all your spiritual bodies, limit your spiritual achievements and prolong your cycle of karma.

The emotional body resides between the Earth plane and the third or Astral Plane, Both the Astral body and the physical body uses the emotional body to assign a quality to an experience. It usually travels freely between the two, absorbing energy it needs from kinetic energy on the Astral Plane.

The emotional body has a long memory, because it never dies, this is evident when you initially meet someone and immediately have a strong reaction to them. This is its function, to be one aspect of evaluating the physical existence. Emotions transcend spiritual levels. When we die, our emotions remain intact. We always have, even in spirit form, the ability to feel love, anger, sadness and joy.

The Mental Body, which exists on the fourth spiritual plane, evaluates our life experiences and the impact they make for the collective karma of that soul. Additionally, it will measure the amount of spiritual growth attainable through future physical experiences. It makes sure our collective soul utilizes every moment of physical life as effectively as possible. This makes the Mental Body a very important aspect of who we are.

The next body, the Astral Body is an energy duplicate of the physical body and is the link between the physical plane and the Astral Plane. The Astral Body is nourished and absorbs energy from that plane, when we sleep. Also known as the light body, this part of us, plans and creates physical life interactions and events with other souls to further spiritual growth. This explains why you have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day. Your Astral Body is responsible for setting up that meeting, as well as many others.

A healthy Astral Body imitates strong communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. If your Astral Body is disconnected from part of you or anchored in the physical realm, then your life is not being pre- planned, and you are more or less walking blind, without guidance and a victim of circumstances.

Now we look at the spiritual bodies you may not be aware that you have. The first one, the Causal Body, is also known as the Upper Mental Body. This body evaluates karma. It evaluates the need for the soul to continue reincarnating and it understands the path you need to take to be free from karma. When you meditate, pray, or slip into any kind of altered state, your experiences are translated through the Causal Body.

When you have a spirit or soul with a strong connection to their Causal Body that spirit radiates love and light. They are givers of energy, you feel good when you are near them. The Causal Body is the link to our Eutheric Body, informing it when karma and missions are completed.

The Eutheric body when housing a master soul can change spiritual planes at will, appearing solid or less dense as required. It does not need to go through the birth process to become physical.

In simple terms, the Eutheric Body is your soul’s meter, conscience or moral compass for your soul. Truth changes, it is not constant, which makes right and wrong subjective to each soul. No two people have the same purpose for creation, so no two people have the same path, the lessons or the karma. If everyone were to commit the same action, some would have a large bag of karma, as a result. Some smaller bags and some souls, none. It is the evolution of the soul, the experiences of the soul, the learning and knowledge of the soul, and the interconnections of each soul to its other bodies that determine the karma associated with an action.

The Eutheric Body comprehends God’s unique purpose for your creation. It knows why your soul was created, what purpose it has and how that purpose is best discovered and revealed. It measures and tests the growth rate of the soul and determines if that soul is worthy of advancing to higher levels. All moral judgments and all moral understandings come from the Eutheric Body.

The Seventh spiritual plane is home to your seventh spiritual body, called the Celestial Body. It is the part of us that always remains with God. Part of our soul always vibrates in God’s presence, for which there are no physical words or experience to describe it. Only a handful of souls every decade, make it here consciously.

The Celestial Body’s main function is to sustain the flow of energy to the entire soul system. Additionally, it repairs, rebuilds or strengthens communication between all of your various bodies.

The Celestial Body monitors all the other bodies and decides if any of them becomes damaged, whether or not to continue with the current incarnation. It may decide to end the physical life and put the Emotional, Mental, Astral and Causal Bodies into a deep state of rest. While these bodies are unconscious, it will repair, reprogram and re-plan the path for its progression.

When we have completed the task for which we were created, our Celestial Body absorbs the energies of any of our remaining bodies. We vibrate only to light, serve light and produce the light, of all that is.

Lauralei M. Bradley, has worked as a psychic, medium , Reiki Master and spiritual healer for over 30 years. She has a bachelor degree of Arts in Education and is a former school teacher. She owns White Light Bookstore and Crystals with her husband, David, where they teach classes on information, like the above article, she has channeled, directly from spirit.

Kundalini Energy Meditation

Kundalini Energy is one of the most underutilized energies for manifesting prosperity. This energy when focused correctly can be used to bring love, light, prosperity and even Spirit into your life.

The physical dimensional planes were first constructed in order to give us p a single moment of awareness. Prior to this, God and We (as an extension of our creator,) experienced all things in totality. The physical planes with their time and space qualities, gave God, as well as all other souls, an opportunity to experience a single moment, of anything. When we look at a blooming rose, we see the beauty of it in that single moment, instead of experiencing all it ever was, all it is, and all it will ever be.

What a gift. How excited souls were to first experience this wonderful gift. Souls found that incarnating on physical planes, also gave them a rare opportunity to isolate and engage their spiritual growth, learning and experience. It was never conceived by our creator that our free will, so generously given, would extend to harming or hurting one another.

Soon souls got lost in the wheel of Karma, and forgot who they were, lifetime after lifetime of paying debts. Yet man was never supposed to experience physical life detached from their source. God did give us free will, but God never sent souls to the physical plane without a lifeline.

Just as a baby is first connected to and nourished by his mother through the umbilical, each soul is connected to their creator through a similar energy cord, which raises the Kundalini, and can be just as nourishing. Kundalini is your life-blood connection to the creation of your physical experience. Without it, you wander through physical reality a victim, instead of a creator of your own destiny.

The fact that sex is such an electrical surge of energy, both inwardly and outwardly, should be of some note. How could anyone not realize that all the energy expelled during sex actually had another purpose other than release?

Electrical magnetism, and that which creates physical attraction, is the pull of your Kundalini Energy. How sad is it that many people on the planet spend their entire sexual experiences, i.e. their lives, without ever raising their Chi, or without ever touching the divine? Kundalini Energy is meant to be used as a pass key to Heaven. It is the methodically to reconnect with our creator. The huge burst of energy expelled during sex, is electromagnetically charged enough to pass through the spiritual planes, connect with your higher self and on a very real level, plan the remainder of your life.

When you learn to raise this energy with a sex partner, it defiantly takes it to a whole new level, and can be a very powerful manifesting tool, by attaching a thought to the energy just before its release, or just before you orgasm. The Druids called this Sex Magic, and it can be very powerful, especially if you and your partner attach the same thought.

But it is also possible to raise it through meditation, without a partner and without sex. When the pathways along your spine are clear and the Kundalini can move through your body, without being blocked, health quickly follows.

In addition, when you raise the Kundalini, you connect both with your over soul, your creator and your soul mate. This energy heals the connections with each of the above, and brings a joining of all of these parts of you. There is no better way, to bring a soul mate into your life! (Also, if you can raise your Kundalini, you most likely will be broadcasting it on a subconscious level, and find you suddenly become very much in demand with the opposite sex... This is the pull of Kundalini energy.