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Angelic Crystal Lights Candles

Programmed Stones

Each candle contains a semi-precious stone or mineral, whose inherit qualities match that of the intention of the candle. Additionally, this stone was programmed by Lauralei, a gifted channel, Intuitive and Oden Reiki Master. When the candle burns out, place the stone close to your skin or on a night table by your bed. The stone will hold its program for 2 months & continue to work after the candle has burnt out. Please make sure you are next to the candle while it burns.

Oden Reiki Energy

Reiki Energy is pure life force. When put into a candle, its benefits are released as the candle burns. It is very important that you are seated next to or laying down by the candle as it burns, to get the full benefit of the Reiki Energy.

Aromatherapy Oils

The benefits of aromatherapy are well known. Specific Oils are chosen to enhance the properties of each candle. We use a very high quality oil in each one.

A Celtic Swirl

At the center of our Solar System is a swirl. If you look at various photos of it, you will see golden, circles of light. The Celts believe that placing a swirl on sacred sites would more quickly bring your request to the Gods. Swirls also stand for abundance when swirled to the right, and spirit when swirled to the left. We believe it shortens the time it takes for the candle to work.

Quartz Crystal Chips

Clear Quartz is believed to multiply or increase the energy of anything it is put with. We sprinkle quartz chips on the top of each candle as an extra boost - there are no stronger energy candles anywhere. These really work!!

Candles Available

  • Money Candle
  • Protection Candle
  • Healing Candle
  • Good Luck Candle
  • Angelic Guidance
  • Earth & Grounding
  • Angelic Joy


A Yantra is a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantra literally means "support" and "instrument", the suffix 'tra' in Sanskrit means instrument.

Yantras are the geometrical form of a divinity, that provide a focal point into the light of all that is Yantras can help and assist you in our everyday tasks of life, as well as help you to solve typical problems, increase your prosperity, and help you to manifest successful changes in your life. Eastern practioners of meditation with Yantras, claim they are powerful, powerful enough to cure disease.

When the mind is concentrated on a single, simple object (in this case a Yantra), the mental chatter ceases. Eventually, the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without help. In the most advanced phases, it is possible to attain union with God by the geometric visualization of a Yantra.

How to Use a Yantra in Meditation: The secret key to using Yantras in meditation is resonance. The process of resonance is established by mental focus on the image of the Yantra. As long as the mind is tuned into the specific mood associated to that Yantra, the energy flows, but when the resonance is stopped, the energy disappears.

Tripura Bhiravi
Tripura Bhiravi
Tripura Sundari
Twelve Point Star
Twelve Pointed Star


We have a wide array of statues in varying sizes.

  • Quan Yin
  • Ganesha
  • Buddha
  • Shiva
  • Krishna
  • Laxsmi
  • Kali
  • Tara
  • Egyptian
  • Fairies
  • Angels


Come in and check out our huge supply of books. We have many items available in the following categories.

  • Natural Health
  • Women?s Health
  • Astrology
  • Channeling & Mediums
  • Native American Shamanism
  • Course in Miracles
  • Wiccan & Pagan
  • Reflexology & Massage
  • Tantra & Kundalini
  • Reiki & Spiritual Healing
  • Mediation & Yoga
  • Stones & Minerals
  • UFO?s & Aliens
  • Eastern Wisdom


Sore Joint Salve "Healing"

The Navajo herbs (proprietary blend)* in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of sore joints and can be used to relax tight muscles. The salve can be rubbed directly into affected areas. It can also be applied with heat like a hot towel, heating pad or after a hot shower or bath. In traditional way the herb was used in conjunction with the sweat lodge.

Greasewood Ointment "Natural"

This ointment has a pure earthy scent, like the desert after it has rained. Greasewood is also called Chaparral or Creosote bush. It has many healing qualities and is useful in relieving the symptoms of Eczema and Psoriasis; dry cracking skin, skin rash and athletes foot.

Pinon Sap Salve "Soothing"

The Navajo people use Pinon Sap for the treatment of serious burns and infections. It is applied in its raw form directly to the affected area. The Pinon Sap in our salve is mixed with wild crafted Shea butter and bees wax. It is useful as a general purpose antiseptic for minor skin ailments.

Sage-Lavender & Orange "Enlightening"

The smell and feel of this balm, comes from the purifying spirit of Sage, the calming scent of Lavender and the enlivening resonance of Sweet Orange. Every time you open a tin, breathe in deeply; it will remind you that enlightenment is possible.

Insect Bite Salve "Relief"

The Navajo herbs *(proprietary blend) in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of insect bites. The salve can be rubbed directly into the bite. It is best to wash the area firest to remove any poison on the surface of the skin. Apply as often as needed.

Sage-Lavender & Juniper; "Beauty Way"

The combination of purifying Sge, calming Lavender and healing Juniper reminds us of the Navajo Beauty Way. The Beauty Way is the Navajo equivalent of the Tao; it signifies harmony and balance in the universe.

White Sage Balm "Purifying"

The healing properties of this balm come from White Sage and Sagebrush. Together they make this the strongest of our three Sage balms. Inhale the scent deeply when tin is opened then rub into temples. White sage purifies the spirit and awakens the senses makingthis "travel" balm a must have for your next journey!

Peppermint Lip Balm "Refreshing"

Aromatic, refreshing and stimulating "Happy Peppermint" and his friends wild Hawaiian Kukui nut and Macadamia nut will make your lips feel like the "life of the party". Seriously, this lip balm has to be experienced to be enjoyed.

Astrology Charts

(Birth Chart)
Your Astrological Profile
Explains your talents and abilities as well as the areas of your self and your life that are more challenging.
Calculated from the date, time and place of your birth.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel - add $5)

A Yearly Overview
A look at your challenges and possibilities for the coming year.
Calculated for the exact moment the sun returns to its original location at the time of your birth.
Reg. $20

Six Month Forecast
An extensive look at your future, allowing you to use and be prepared for the energies and events that will be active in your life. Provides exact dates.
Derived from where the planets are during a 6 month period in relationship to your birth chart.
Reg. $40


Relationship Analysis
Personal examinations of positive and challenging ways the two of you interact, with suggestions on how to improve your relationship.
Based on you and your partner's date, time and place of birth.
Reg. $25 (w/wheel - add $5)

Relationship Analysis
Examinations of positive and challenging ways the two of you interact, with suggestions on how to improve your relationship.
Based on you and your friend's date, time and place of birth.
Reg. $25 (w/wheel - add $5)

Examinations of positive and challenging ways the two of you interact, with suggestions on how to improve your relationship.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel- add $5)

This chart looks at who you are and what you want to be, fortunes and how to succeed. Lastly, it will focus on your soul's intentions.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel - add $5)

This chart will tell you about all the relationships you may have with family members and close friends.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel - add $5)

Looking at your birth chart as it appears in different locations, you can see which aspects are most emphasized in which areas & choose a locale that puts your qualities in the best focus.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel - add $5)

An extensive look at your moon at birth and the cycles of the moon in your entire life.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel - add $5)

HEALTH & WELLNESS This chart looks at your natal chart in terms of health, giving you an overall picture of your bodily strengths & weakness.
Disclaimer: The purpose of this report is to provide educational information regarding herbal remedies that have been used for centuries & assumes no responsibility for self-diagnosis.
Reg. $10 (w/wheel - add $5)

Meditation CD's

Akashic Records Class & Meditations
Arch Angels, * Expansion & *Hall of Masters Meditations
Contacting Your Animal Guide
Contacting Your Dragon Guide
Contacting Your Spirit Guide
Eighth Chakra Meditations
Grounding, Protection and Reclaiming Your Energy
Kundalini Meditations
Minor Chakras & Releasing Vows
Over Soul, Violet Flame and Balancing Meditations
Past Life Regression
Return Unwanted Energy/ Renew Your Energy
Soul Mate Meditations
Soul Retrieval
Spiritual Healing & Physical Balance
The Body Holy Meditation


Oden: Ascension
Oden: Arch Angels
Oden: Atlantis
Oden: Forgiveness
Oden: Galactic Alignment
Oden: The Astral Body
Oden: The Earth & 2012
Oden: The Celestial Body
Oden: The Emotional Body
Oden: The Eutheric Body
Oden: The Light Body
Oden: The Mental Bodies
Oden: The Power & Force of Love
Oden Lecture: The 7 Spiritual Bodies
Oden: Special Properties of Crystals
Oden: Spiritual & Natural Law
Oden: Reincarnation
Oden: Transcendence
Oden: Universal Mind & Higher Self
Oden: UFO's & ET's
Oden: Your Soul's Purpose
Oden: What Happens When We Die
Oden: What is God?

The History of The World by Arianna

Information Sheets

Gemstones and Chakras
How to Reclaim Your Energy
Eigth Chakra Meditations
How to Ground/ How to Spiritually Protect Yourself
Getting in Touch With Your Oversoul
An Easy Guide to Crystals
Animal Guides
Metaphysical Guide to Crystals
How to Program a Crystal
Feng Shui Color Guide
Wheels of Light- Your Chakra Energy System
The Mantra/ Om Mani Padme Hum
Soul Mate Meditaton
Akashic Records Meditation
How to Return Any Energy/Etheric Crystal Healing Meditation
Dragon Meditations
Arch Angel Meditations
Crystal, Star, Indigo and Ultra Violet Children