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AventurineAn excellent healing crystal, sacred to the Goddess Venus. Used in fertility rituals. Creativity, decision making & calm. Cost: $1.00
AgateUsed in truth amulet, good for balancing emotions, peace, happiness and de-stressing. Overcomes bitterness and negativity. Prevents insomnia. Cost: $1.00
Amber(Fossilized tree resin) Can be used to strengthen a spell, together with jet. Powerful healer and cleanser. Stores and transmits energy. Cost: $.25 - 2.50
CalcitePowerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Promotes healing, soothes fear and expands awareness. Cost: Various Prices
Carnelian Used to prevent anger and jealousy. Can be used by the shy and timid to promote self confidence. Shields your thoughts and prevents nightmares. Cost: $.25 - 4.00
Hematite Encourages communication skills, balances and focuses energy. Can aid clear calm reasoning and attract good relationships. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Jade Increases love and nurturing. A protective stone, keeps the wearers from harm. Attracts good luck, safe travel and wisdom. Cost: various prices.
Lapis Lazuli Associated with Egyptian protection. Facilitates spiritual journeying and stimulates personal and spiritual power. Also releases stress bringing deep peace. Cost: various prices
Labradorite Psychic enhancer. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. Highly mystical, a bringer of light. Raises consciousness. Cost: $2.00
Malachite Encourages business success, prosperity and hope. Particularly useful for cramps and childbirth, has been called the midwife stone. Cost: various prices
Moonstone A crystal of new beginnings. It reflects the moon and teaches that everything is part of a cycle. Helps work out emotional problems between lovers. Traditionally used to enhance psychic abilities.c
Obsidian A good crystal for protection to aid scrying. Useful in banishing grief and enhanced truth. Repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. Cost: $.25 - 2.00
Snowflake Obsidian Calms and soothes, provides balance for body, mind and spirit. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Pyrites Attracts success, health, wealth, and happiness. Mental activity is accelerated by this crystal, improving memory and recall.
Quartz Psychic power, energy and an aid for divination. Stores and transmits energy, magnifies the properties of other stones. Cost: various prices
Rose Quartz Helps promote peace and happiness, attracts love and friendship. Calms and relaxes the body and mind. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Smoky Quartz Draws positive energy, protects and purifies. Cost: $1.00
Red Jasper Known as the rain bringer. Returns negativity to the sender, Strengthen energy flow, used in healing spells for directing, nurturing, and protecting. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Rhodonite Generates energy. Attracts love and calms the emotions. Good for regaining emotional energy after frustrations. Cost: $2.00
Selenite A good crystal for calming meditation, visualization and to clarify thoughts. Also used for healing overcoming guilt. Cost: $1.00 - 12.00
Sodalite Often mistaken for Lapis Lazuli. Aids wisdom if put on the forehead during meditation. Enhances memory, communication, & relieves stress as well as aiding a good night’s sleep. Cost: $.25 - 2.00
Tigers Eye Attracts wealth, good luck, and self confidence. Can be used to promote stability and intuition.
Turquoise Good for Healthy communication, brings loyalty & friendship, protection and healing.
Unakite Stimulates healing, helps to awaken the Higher Self & gets rid of emotional baggage. Cost: $.25 - 1.00

Pre-Programmed Angel Love Stones

Crystals grow. They are conprised of silica and they give off a pulse, which is why they make all electronics work from your watch to your computer to your television. We put quartz in all high quality electronics you can buy.

Programmed Crystals work with our subconscious minds. The idea is that you can put a thought in a crystal. The crystal will then pulse the thought, which your subconscious hears. The subconscious mind believes anything it hears repeatedly, which is why subliminal programs work for weight loss, to stop smoking, etc.

Since I have been offering instruction on how to program a crystal, I have received lots of requests for help. Together, with Oden, one of my spirit guides, we have pre-programmed crystals which are now available at the store.

We have them for: Healing, Money, Soulmate, Master Guides, Intuition, Spiritual Healing, Emotional Healing, and Protection.

More stones below...

Angelte Angelic Communication, Serenity. Cost: Various Prices
Agate - Black Good Fortune & Healing. Cost: $.25 - $1.00
Agate - Blue Lace Communication & Confidence. Cost: $.25- 1.00
Agate - Botswana Release, Calming & Unconditional Love. Cost: Various prices
Agate - Gray Banded Centering & Grounding. Cost: $.50
Agate - Pink Emotional healing, Connect with Guides. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Agate Moss Communication with Elemental Spirits. Cost $1.00
Agate Tree Immune System, Ritual Use. Cost: $1.00
Agate Turitello Protection, Focus, Aids You in Transitions. Cost: $1.00
Amazonite Truth, Communication, Harmony. Cost: $.25
Amethyst Relieves tension, Aids intuition, Meditation. Cost: Various Prices
Amethyst - Chevron Clears the aura. Increases intuition. Cost: $1.50
Ammonite Grounding, Past Lives. Cost: $1.00
Apache Tears Grounding and Protection. Cost: $1.00
Apatite Psychic Activation. Cost: $2.50
Aquamarine Soothing, Clear Communication. Cost: Various Prices
Aragonite Intuition, Meditation, Psychic Ability. Cost: $1.00
Aventurine - Blue Psychic Ability, Strength. Cost: $1.00
Aventurine - Green Vitality, Growth, Confidence. Cost: $1.00
Aventurine - Pink Pink-Vitality, Sexuality, Life Force. Cost: $ .49
Bloodstone Strength & Courage. Cost: $1.00
Bronzite Disperses Indecision & Doubt. Cost: $2.00
Calcite Blue Psychic Ability, Astral Travel. Cost: Various prices
Calcite Green Relaxation, Emotional Balance. Cost: Various prices
Calcite Orange Powerful Amplifier & Cleanser of Energy. Cost: Various prices
Calcite Yellow Divine Will, Manifestation. Cost: Various prices
Cat's Eye Healing, Enlightenment, Wisdom. Cost: $1.00
Celestite Angelic Communication. Cost: Various Prices.
Chrysoprase Protection, Prevents Depression. Cost: $.25 - .50
Chiastolite Emotional Healing, Connection w/Guides. Cost: $1.00
Citrine Money & Manifestation. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Dragon Stone- , & Empowerment Empowerment, Energy,Growth, Vivacity. Cost: Various Prices
Dumortierite Mental Discipline, Enhanced Learning, Capacity. Cost: $1.00
Emerald Love, Compassion, Healing and Abundance. Cost: $4.00
Epidote Release Negativity, Embrace Positive Patterns. Cost: $1.00
Fluorite Clearing & Clarity. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Garenets Seduction, Love & Manifesting. Cost: $2.00
Green Chert Spiritual Power. Cost: $1.00
Goldstone - Blue Wisdom & Energy. Cost: $1.00
Goldstone - Green Heal & Balance. Cost: Various Prices
Goldstone - Red Wisdom & Energy. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Green Jade Health, Abundance. Cost: $1.00
Green Quartz Joyful Acceptance of the Physical Life Healing, Awareness of the Earth-as-Paradise. Cost: $2.00
Herkimer Diamond Stimulates Clairvoyance & Clairaudient Abilities. Cost: $5.00
Howlite - Blue Relieves Anger & Anxiety. Cost: $2.00
Howlite - White Patience & Balance. Cost: Various Prices
Inclusion Quartz Cost: Various prices
Iolte Shamanic Journey, Inner Vision. Cost: Various prices
Jasper - Dalmation Nutures & Protects. Cost: $.25 - 1.00
Jasper - Dry Creek Courage & Protection. Cost: Various Prices
Jasper - Leopard Skin Animal Guides & Shaman Journeys. Cost: $1.00
Jasper - Marbled Balance, Joy, connecting with Earth. Cost: $2.00
Jasper - Ocean Love, Relaxation, Cooperation. Cost: Various Prices
Jasper - Rainbow Protection, Courage, Balance. Cost: $1.00
Jasper - Rhyolite Promotes Positive Change. Cost: Various Prices
Jet Protection, Purification, Grounding (absorbs negativity) Cost: $2.00
Kyanite (blue) Psychic Ability, Past-Life Recall, Empathy. Cost: $2.00
Lepidolite Emotional Healing, Balance, Stress Relief. Cost: $.25 - 2.00
Malachite Prosperity, Success & Hope. Cost: Various Prices
Mookaite Promotes Decision Making & Healing Stone. Cost: $1.00
Obsidian - Black Protection, Grounding, Strength, Removes Blockages. Cost: Various Prices
Obsidian - Blue Vigor, Strength, Stamina. Cost: Various Prices
Obsidian - Green Emotionally & Physically Protective. Cost: Various Prices
Obsidian - Purple Promotes visions, releases anger. Cost: $2.00
Obsidian - Mahogany Brings Worthiness, Releases Limitations. Cost: $1.00
Obsidian - Yellow Emotionally & Physically Protective. Cost: $2.00
Onyx Inner Strength, Will Power. Cost $.25 - 1.00
Opal - White Regularizes Biorhythms & Purification. Cost: $1.00
Opalite Boost Sex Drive & Stabilize Mood Swings. Cost: Various Prices
Picasso Stone Manifestation, Nurturing, Clarity. Cost: $1.00
Pietersite Increased Will Power, Precognition, Self-Transformation. Cost: $2.00
Prehnite Divine Energy, Unconditional Love. Cost: Various Prices
Quartz - Blue Communication & Telepathy. Cost: $1.00
Quartz - Green Creativity, Success & Prosperity. Cost: $1.00
Quartz - Rutilated Opens third eye, Psychic Ability. Cost: $1.00
Quartz - Smokey Present Moment Awareness & Joy. Cost: Various Prices
Rhodochrocite Compassion, Love & Generosity. Cost: Various Prices
Sardonyx - Green Attracts Good Fortune & Good Relationships. Cost: $1.00
Serpentine Kundalini Awakening, Akashic Records. Cost: $1.00
Shell Fossil Spears Removes Anxiety, Grounding. Cost: Various prices
Shiva Lingam Rebirth, Vitality and Prana, Kundalini Activation. Cost: $2.00
Sunstone Abundance, Strength, Leadership. Cost: $2.00
Tiger Eye - Blue Balance & Strength. Cost: $.25
Tiger Eye - Iron Stamina, Self Healing, Grounding. Cost: Various Prices
Tiger Eye - Red Stimulates Expression, Grounding. Cost: $.25
Tiger Eye - Yellow Good Luck & Protection. Cost $.25 – 2.00
Tourmaline - Black Shields Against Unwanted Energies. Cost: Various prices
Turquenite Awakens 3rd Eye. Cost: $2.00
Wavolite Promotes Problem Solving & Decisions. Cost: $3.00
Zoisite Awakening & Increases Life Force. Cost: $1.00